Pierlorenzo, Antonio, Alberto. Singer, guitar player and keyboardist, friends since forever but separated by years of musical collaborations, projects and bands.

In September 2013, on a glorious Monday, just like the poles of a magnet pushed by its attraction, they decide to put a stop to the past and write together the first chapter of a new story: Kezia.

The fusion of three such different souls creates an instinctive music, a pastiche of influences, feelings, scents.Rock, progressive, swing, electro and pop. In two words: prop-metal. The structure is prog, expanding its melodic variations with pop freshness.

On November 2014 Kezia achieve “The Dirty Affair”, a 8-track EP published on 05.05.2015 through Logic (Il)Logic Records and distributed by Andromeda Dischi. All the songs are composed by Pierlorenzo, Antonio and Alberto; during the recording session, drummer Matteo and bass player Andrea contribute to the work. On 2015, with Michele on drums and Daniele on bass, Kezia complete the line-up and start working on new songs, while promoting the EP through several live shows.